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  3. houghtonlib:

    Cigar box labels, late 19th century.

    H 5444.25.3

    Houghton Library, Harvard University


  4. likeafieldmouse:

    Marianna Uutinen (2011-13)

    1. Uncut

    2. War-holes

    3. Crack

    4. Zero

    5. Do

    6. The Wise Man’s Colors

    7. Neon


  5. The devil asks to use the bathroom and takes sort of a long time in there. OK he’s back to the kitchen. You give him something to drink. He’s not a total dick, you guys are just kind of chatting. He knows enough about you to make graceful, chill small talk that’s not boring. He answers a few questions about being the devil in a forthright way. One thing he likes about his job is that he gets to be out of the office, talking to people, but there is still a certain percentage of bullshit in any job, even jobs that are like a real vocation. For every time he gets to go around offering people insane wealth but definitely dying in five years or being super handsome but then going blind, there are weeks of just these tiny incremental devilments, really boring shit, stuff that doesn’t show up in the box score. You can’t fight it, even if you are the devil.

  8. lehroi:

    sin título by michael zuhorski on Flickr.

    (Source: jemeos, via villenoire)

  9. williswillkillus:

    Woven wall hangings made between 1925 and 1945 by Anni Albers, 1899-‘94.