1. A thing I wrote about my new job, and my new/old/deathless place to live. Please to enjoy, and if you have things to say about worlds half-finished, half-undone, holler at your cisbro p t b e a t t y  at the g m a i l. Thanks for listening.

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    Gray and Gold

    Author: John Rogers Cox (American, 1915 – 1990)
    Date: 1942
    Medium: Oil on canvas
    Location: Cleveland Museum of Art

    The painting was produced shortly after the United States joined the Second World War. The Cleveland Museum of Art bought the painting from a traveling exhibition, ‘Artists for Victory’, consisting of works by artists who wanted to help in the war effort. The exhibition opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York on December 7, 1942, the first anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The painting won the Second Medal in the ‘Artists for Victory’ exhibition at the Met. (source)

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    ben frost

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    лубочная картинка

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    Pius Fox

    Treppe, 2012
    Oil on paper, 33 × 24 cm

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    José Clemente Orozco. Departure of Quetzalcoatl, Modern Migration of the Spirit, Gods of the Modern World (top to bottom). The Epic of American Civilization. 1934.