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    Joan Eardley (British, 1921-1963), Cottage and Beehives. Oil on board, 36 ½ x 36 ½ in.

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    Mt Vesuvius before and after eruption 19th c

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    Masks were one of the earliest forms of magic. Before wizards learned the crafting of wands, wizards crafted masks with magical attributes for the wearers to assume. The ancient history behind those masks allows masks, even non-magical ones, to inspire primal emotion today.

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  5. Akatre, 2014

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    From Expiration

    Benedikt Partenheimer


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    In trying to stabilize the landfill, they fought erosion by planting native grasses on top and then brought in goats to eat back invasive species that were crowding out the native grasses. Coyotes and wild dogs started killing the goats, so they had to bring in Great Pyrenees sheep dogs to guard the livestock.

    Did a Q&A with scholar/filmmaker/author Christine Walley about her Exit Zero projects over at the dayjob.

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    Yasuhiro Onishi

    1. A Line in the Landscape

    2. Spirit

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