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    from the series What Was Left, on my website

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    Alter Ego, Destroy and Rebuild, 2014

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  3. John Constable - Cloud Study, Early Morning, Looking East from Hampstead.

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    Jordi Huisman - Rear Window (2010)

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    Walters Art Museum, Ms. W.593, f.182b (‘A sea-horse with large wings’). Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Ṭūsī, Wonders of Creation. Turkey, 10th cen…

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    Weekend plans, Deanna Dikeman

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    Crucifix of San Domenico (detail, Hand of Christ) - Cimabue

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    Nicolas de Staël (French, 1914-1955}, Paysage, 1952.

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    West Bromwich, 2011

    Mark Power